Empowering The Girl Child Through Education

The Hoshiari Devi Girls Intercollege was founded in 1998 to provide affordable, secular educational facilities to girls in the village Rathora and its nearby villages in Western Uttar Pradesh, India.

The school is named after Shrimati Hoshiari Devi, who was born into a family of very modest means in Rathora.  Hoshiari Devi received no formal education, having never attended school, but she valued it greatly. 

Today the School offers a top-notch education and access to extra-curricular activities on a safe, modern campus in an environment where the girl child would have otherwise faced tremendous challenges in attaining an education.

Media: Fox School of Business statistics professor Jagbir Singh makes education possible for girls in rural India.

Directions to the Hoshiari Devi Girls Intercollege

The village Rathora is on a link road that connects Kishanpur Biral in the east to Chapprouli in the west. Kishanpur Biral about 12 km north from Baraut and is accessed by the Delhi-Sharanpur Road, and then Rathora to the west is about 6 km past the villages of Soop and Mukunderpur on the way. From Chapprouli, Rathora is 3 km to the east.